History is littered with incorrect predictions of what smart homes of the future would look like. Whether it was the LA Times Magazine predicting in 1988 that we’d all have robot butlers (I wish this had come true!), or Intel scientist Dean Pomerleau predicting in 2009 that we’d soon be controlling computer systems with our brains, it’s easy to lose track of the huge amount of progress that has actually been made with smart homes.

Technically the first ‘smart home’ devices included a portable vacuum cleaner in 1905 and the electric washing machine produced in 1907, whilst the first computerized development was the X10 smart home networking protocol in 1975. 2001 saw the release of the world’s first autonomous vacuum cleaner (the Electrolux Trilobite ZA1), whilst the Nest learning thermostat – released in 2011 – was one of the first internet-based smart home devices.