Ampere’s Shower Power is a Bluetooth speaker that operates on water power.  The  Ampere Shower Power attaches to your showerhead and is powered by the water flowing through it. Run the water and a small generator inside the speaker fires up and turns the speaker on.

Always have music in the shower(INSTALL ONCE)

Designed to never leave you without music in the bathroom — once installed, Shower Power never needs to be removed.


Our proprietary hydropower system uses the flow of water from your showerhead to power the speaker so you’ll never be without power when you’re in the shower

Big sound, small size(360° SPEAKERS)

The cylindrical design delivers immersive audio that plays evenly in all directions.

Take control of your music(BIG BUTTONS)

Play, pause and skip tracks directly on the speaker with the big easy-to-touch buttons.

Made from recycled ocean plastic(SUSTAINABILITY)

Shower Power loves water so to show its appreciation it helps to remove pesky plastic from the ocean. Each shower power contains 16 recovered plastic bottles.

Installs on nearly any showerhead in less than 1 minute(EASY INSTALLATION)

You won’t need to call a plumber to help you install it. Shower Power simply screws onto nearly any showerhead — rain, fixed or handheld.